Collection Services

At Northeast Adjustment Bureau we feel our "proof of service" is on our performance. We work hard to prove to our clients that their selection of Northeast Adjustment Bureau was the right choice.

We maintain a Centralized Information Center to offer a single point of contact; this allows us to better service our client's needs.

With over 50 years of combined experience conducting investigations and repossessions, our knowledge ensures that your collateral will be located and secured promptly.

Standard Repossession

Collateral recovered from an address provided by your office.

  • Includes preliminary investigation
  • Confirm your information using our databases
  • Obtain current registry information from DMV/RMV
  • Physical check of the given addresses

Voluntary Repossession

Collateral surrendered to our agents. Your office would supply contact information for your customer. Our agents would then arrange an appointment.

Field Visit

One of our agents visits your debtor at their home, place of employment or other address that you request.

  • Includes Residential, Commercial and Industrial Equipment.
  • Verification of Lease Equipment for Commercial and Industrial use is regularly requested and available.
  • Allows you the ability to determine if the value of your collateral is being compromised before you assign it out for repossession.
  • Effective method for collecting past due payments.

Skiptracing / Locate

Locating and recovering your collateral is our specialty. Your file will be given the highest priority with a knowledgeable skiptracer.

  • Low turnaround time
  • Utilize the most current databases and state-of-the-art technology.